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The Matchless Escorts

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Impressive Experience

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Travel Experience of Independent Escorts Girl

As a leading travel companion or escorts girl in the Dubai City I am going to tell you an interesting experience. A trip to Lucerne with one of my boyfriends is the base of this blog post. The new rail station of Lucerne appears quite oversized for a small, quaint town like Lucerne. But it is a reflection city planners’ pragmatism which foresaw the huge tourist inflow to the city. The charming sights of this magnetic Swiss town start right from outside the main gate of this station. The triumphal arch, with its sculpture” Genius of the Period” could be seen as one exit from the station.

The tram we took to reach our small family hotel passed through some of the most interesting areas and thus, provided a nice introduction to the city. It was quite evident that the most photographed Swiss city is truly beautiful, even in bad weather which it often has. Fortunately for me and my boyfriend, the couple of days were sunny, allowing us to explore our sexual session with architectural beauties of the city like old town hall, pfistern Guild house and lively Wein market Square through leisurely spolls.

The construction and the appearance of the Town Hall resemble the Palazzo Strozi in Florence. It is a Renaissarched arched window. The nearby Jesuit Church is even more attractive. It is a baroque building. The stucco works, the red high-altar and the rich church treasure are especially attractive. The two dome-shaped towers only added a touch of mysterious oriental flavor. Just at the bottom of the steps reaching the town hall entrance is the Pfistern Guild house, where small shop selling daily necessities double as a gathering place for city peoples indulging in gossip and animated discussions – highly unusual activities for the otherwise and typically conservative Swiss.

The end of the day we back to our stay and enjoyed type’s positions in sex477 for a long time. The next day onwards, we received bright sunshine, very much needed in this city, which might have been created by history keeping the tourist in mind. We started from the most popular spot – the water tower of the river Russ, which starts from the lake and has a strong current. It is a sturdy landmark which is nicely balanced in shape and form. The tower is an octagonal construction that was especially liked German emperor Frederick II, who had his most beautiful works constructed in octagons.

I am enjoying my all trips as a personal or business escort service provider in Dubai. The wooden bridges in Lucerne are a model of how all the wooden bridges looked for a thousand years in Europe. The oldest of them, the chapel bridge is adjacent to the water tower. Lucerne’s own peak Mount Pilatus, is situated, as if planned, in the background of this bridge and provides an outstanding sight. Little children enjoy crossing and re-crossing that wonderful wooden bridge. It is always crowded with tourists and it is quite understandable why wooden floor has to be replaced every ten years. Just like any other famous landmark, the Chappel Bridge has had countless names and messages scratched on it by visitors from all over the world. More artistic diversions are the series of painting under the gabled roof depicting events from Swiss history.

Naturally, more contemplative visitors prefer the Spreuer Bridge, located further down the Reuss River. It is much less known than the Chappel Bridge and is much more interesting structurally and architecturally. The Spreuer Bridge displays a series of paintings on the theme that was quite common in the Middle Ages: The dance of death. It is an allegory which shows how neither rich nor poor are immune to death. Though Lucerne was the first canton to join the Swiss Confederation, it was always fiercely independent minded.

Around the city, impressive fortification, watch cum arsenal towers remains as remainders to that period. The lion monument, a must in tourist brochures, was dedicated to the Swiss Guards of Louis XVI, who defended the Tuieries when the French Revolution broke out. The lake side promenade stretches from the main Lake Bridge downtown to the Lido area. An unbeatable walking path: the long double row of chest nut trees are the front sides of a number of palaces –like hotels. The design of the promenade wall was occupied from the examples of the Riviera resorts at Nice and Mentone. The experience of an escort girl is not ending here.

The Cathedral Hofkirche is located at the midpoint of the river side promenade with its distinctive twin towers visible from anywhere in the city. We found its country yard especially atmospheric with traditionally dressed villagers and little shops selling bric-a- brac. The Swiss Transport Museum is much more interesting than its name suggests, particularly for children. There is a lively exhibition of the development of ships, trains, cars and planes displaying the oldest specimen of each.

The museum also has a marvelous model of the Swiss railway crossing the Gothard Pass on the Alps, with 12 trains simultaneously in motion. This is a great attraction for children. For the best view of the town from the ground, have a drink in the pleasant garden hotel of Chateau Gutsch; the cafes along the Reuss river near the Kapelbruecke are also nice stops for a day’s outing. I and my boyfriend were enjoying this trip in all the ways. Our nights are like honey moons and days are like dreams.

Our last day was earmarked for excursion to the Mount Pilatus. A majestic pyramid of rock, it is the city’s land mark. The ferry over the lake up to Loppen also allowed us to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. The unforgettable Lucerne-scape, around deep blue water below and the Alps in the background. At Loppel we took the world’s steepest cog-wheel-driven railway on our way to the peak.

As we come out of the car, all of us were speechless before the panorama the peak offered extending from the Black Forest to the Alpine range. Down below it was the placid lake Lucerne with white steamers plying. As an escort girl shopping is craze for me and it is easy and seductive: watches and clocks, jewellery, handicrafts, embroidery, and souvenirs can all be bought here. Most of the shops are on the way to the Cathedral. To find the largest selection of jewellery, pay a visit Buncherer. Of course, the cities many other attractions will keep our pleasantly engaged for the rest of the time. Thank you for reading this article.